"Tricia Rose Burt is a born storyteller. Her voice mesmerizes, whether you are reading her on the page or listening to her speak in front of a live audience. Tricia puts a new, thoroughly original spin on the Southern belle. You will howl with laughter just moments before you are deeply moved." - Catherine Burns, artistic director of The Moth

This Week’s Blog: Missing the Moment

After many months absent, I’m blogging again. Read this week’s posts here — about fire truck salutes, the curse of our phones, and the risk of missing the moment.

Nekkid Man in NYC!

This October, I’ll be teaching the Southern way to pronounce nekkid to New York City audiences. I’ve been selected to perform at the prestigious United Solo Theatre Festival in New York on Sunday, October 18 at 2 pm, with the possibility of additional performances. Help me sell out the show!  Tickets are only $19.25.


Creative Collaboration with Amy Grant

I went to college with Amy Grant and we reconnected several years ago at a Vanderbilt Reunion where I was performing How to Draw a Nekkid Man. In the interim, she’d become a multi-platinum recording artist, Grammy Award-winner, and received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She knows a little something about creativity. Lucky me, my dear friend has invited me to join her at a Creative Discovery Weekend, October 23-25, at the Ritz Carlton’s Reynolds Plantation in Georgia. Hit songwriter Leslie Satcher will be joining us, too. To kick off the event, I’ll be performing my show. The rest of the weekend will include creativity workshops, concerts by Amy and Leslie, and amazing food and scenery. Space is limited! For more information, click here.

Amy Grant weekend