"Tricia Rose Burt is a born storyteller. Her voice mesmerizes, whether you are reading her on the page or listening to her speak in front of a live audience. Tricia puts a new, thoroughly original spin on the Southern belle. You will howl with laughter just moments before you are deeply moved." - Catherine Burns, artistic director of The Moth

Live From Nashville

The adventure begins! I’m now in Nashville immersing myself in a city exploding with creativity and endless storytelling opportunities (and really good food). There’s no time to be timid, so I’m jumping in with both feet. Next Tuesday, February 16, I’ll be part of The Local Show, which features both storytellers and songwriters. And beginning March 9, I’ll be co-leading a pilot workshop with my new dear friend and poet extraordinaire, Nita Andrews, called Story and Verse. In the meantime, husband Eric is training for his 5,000 mile cycling trip from New Hampshire to South America, and we’re Skyping regularly as we plan our next rendezvous.

How to Draw a Nekkid Man Now Available to Download!


It’s been seven years in the making! You can now download my acclaimed solo show How to Draw a Nekkid Man. There are two options:

1) Buying for yourself? Please buy direct from CDBaby. Artists keep 90% of the proceeds!

2) Buying for friends? Only iTunes has a gift option, so get How to Draw a Nekkid Man on iTunes!

And thanks so much for your continued support!