"Tricia Rose Burt is a born storyteller. Her voice mesmerizes, whether you are reading her on the page or listening to her speak in front of a live audience. Tricia puts a new, thoroughly original spin on the Southern belle. You will howl with laughter just moments before you are deeply moved." - Catherine Burns, artistic director of The Moth

This Week’s Blog: Coming Clean

In this week’s blog, a 5-week feeding frenzy comes to an end. Luckily, Spanx have a little give.

Upcoming Shows

  • October 16: The Moth Mainstage, Boston (SOLD OUT!)
  • November 6-7: “How to Draw a Nekkid Man,” Improvolution Studios, NYC

Here’s a shorter version of the story I told at The Moth’s inaugural Mainstage in Dublin:

In the News

Check out George Duncan’s great article on my collaborative texting performance “WTF” with Rachel Perry Welty at (con)TEXT, an exciting exhibition curated by Tim Donovan.

Check out these two terrific articles, focusing on my book-in-progress and my efforts to fundraise for a sabbatical.

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