Additional Appearances

The Story Collider

Ben Lillie is a former high energy particle physicist with a Phd from Stanford. This is not a stupid man. At some point in his career, he decided that while he loved science, he didn’t much care for research and actually loved storytelling and theater. So he headed to NYC and started The StoryCollider, where scientists and non-scientists alike come and tell stories about their everyday experiences with science. This is a very wise man.

I was lucky enough to appear on The StoryCollider stage, telling a story about my husband’s and my experiences with fertility treatments. This story was podcast, but here’s a video as well.

My Hometown’s Christmas Spectacular

My hometown in rural New Hampshire (population 1,800) had a wonderful Christmas event, filled with local talent. I was honored to be included, and to perform a new work for the first time. I don’t have a recording, but you can read the story here.


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