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Tricia Rose Burt is a born storyteller. Her voice mesmerizes, whether you are reading her on a page or listening to her speak in front of a live audience. Tricia puts a new, thoroughly original spin on the Southern belle. You will howl with laughter just moments before you are deeply moved. – Catherine Burns, artistic director of The Moth

Tricia Burt’s bumpy, fascinating trip from Southern belle to free agent and artist is a wonderful story, soulfully and hilariously told. If God, that jokester, laughs at our tidy plans, Burt is laughing right along – and so are her lucky audiences. — Jenny Allen, writer, monologist, and star of the Off-Broadway hit I Got Sick Then I Got Better

 Tricia Burt is a master storyteller who could make a grocery list sound interesting. How to Draw a Nekkid Man reveals how life’s rare epiphanies can both elude and transform us, and Burt tells it with humor and power. — Jamie Trowbridge, publisher of Yankee Magazine

Tricia Rose Burt grew up during a time in the South when life was almost pre-determined…Her goals were set upon birth: receive a good education, work towards prosperity, find a good husband, and raise a family with the exact same values. There was no room for deviation from the plan. But as Burt discovered, almost too late in the game, this prescribed life of hers wasn’t working. And she did what many of us long to do; she broke the cycle and started over. — Nico Rosario, reviewer, NYC’s Woman Around Town

You had me laughing out loud and also quietly crying with so many stories that have the ring of familiarity. You were speaking for many of us — the specifics may be slightly different — but the themes and experiences are shared. I felt like I was being touched by perfectly pitched tuning forks — just the right tone at just the right time – amazing resonance. I love what you’re doing and I find it remarkable for what it does and evokes … it and you deserve a big stage. — Audience member, Peterborough, New Hampshire

Selected Responses to The Moth Podcast “How to Draw a Nekkid Man”

I’ve listened to The Moth for months now and love it. In the past, I’ve been moved and inspired by many stories, but never have I gone, “beyond the podcast” to find out more about the individual. With you I did, as you struck a chord that I think many people are currently facing with life challenges and change. Thanks for the inspiration – keep it coming!

I first heard your story on The Moth podcast. I was working in the yard, and as you started telling your story I found myself falling to my knees and crying. Good tears, though. Hopeful tears. I felt like you were telling my story and yet it was still so very uniquely yours – and quite entertaining. Since that day a month ago, I find myself replaying the episode whenever I’m feeling caught up in the “drama” of my past and my struggle to “not be so damn good and obedient.” Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you.

I just listened to your story on The Moth podcast. It was like you were holding a mirror to my thoughts. Outstanding. Courageous. Awesome.

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