Storytelling Workshops

A consummate professional, Tricia offers a unique combination of talent  —  a gifted storyteller with an impressive corporate career, who seamlessly integrates her knowledge of both worlds. She’s also a terrific team player and a skilled leader, effectively working with other colleagues while guiding a wide variety of workshop participants to understand and tell their personal stories. She is as compelling in the classroom as she is on the stage. She is magnetic. — Kate Tellers, Senior Producer, Corporate Programs, The Moth

A well-told story can move an audience, persuade a potential customer, or create common ground. Whether telling a personal story or presenting a new product, however, the storyteller must first learn how to engage the audience’s hearts and minds.

Designed for both organizations and individuals, these workshops help participants not only develop their own personal stories, but also understand how storytelling fundamentals can be applied in a business or academic context. In addition, the workshop will:

  • Create better communicators
  • Encourage confidence, ease, and authenticity in communications
  • Build camaraderie and trust among participants
  • Incorporate active listening

Participants will draw from their own experiences and start to develop compelling stories for any audience. Through discussion and video examples from some of today’s best storytellers, participants will learn the basic elements of storytelling including creating a narrative arc, incorporating essential details, and using their authentic voice.

The workshops are tailored for your needs — whether it’s an hour session or a day-long retreat.

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Photograph by Liz Linder

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